Shining Sun Aromatherapy Classes


I offer a variety of educational options within my Shining Sun Aromatherapy Practice.

I teach the  Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Class on a limited, periodic basis, as well as other forms of study that are more personalized and flexible.

Level 1 Wisdom of the Earth Certification Class 

Learn the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy…the Original Medicine of the Planet!

I am presently offering the Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) Level 1 Certification seminar in two formats:  Co-teaching a public, face to face class with WOTE’s Educational Director, Cynthia Olivera, at WOTE’s office in Cornville, AZ.  Due to the Pandemic, we are limiting class size to allow for social distancing and more outdoor experiences.  The second format (discussed further, below) is via the internet, using Skype or Zoom.  You do not need any experience or prior training in Medicinal Aromatherapy to take this class and benefit greatly from it.  I take a heart-centered approach to our work with the Plant Kingdom…learning to listen to and follow their wisdom, and honoring the ancient healing relationship between their species and our own.

Who takes our Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification Class? 

  • Some participants have been drawn to essential oils for healing, but were disappointed in the results they obtained; 
  • Or they took an introductory class and became fearful that they might use the oils inappropriately.  They are committed to trying another approach to aromatherapy to see if it can be all that they hoped it could be.
  • Other participants have been using essential oils for relaxation or scent, but want to “step up” their use to maintaining and advancing their health and/or treating or preventing illness.
  • Still others have been working informally with a number of essences and want to broaden their knowledge via formal training. 
  • And, finally, some students realize that working with the oils is a true calling for them, and they decide that they  would like to extend their work beyond their personal interest and integrate their education into their other modalities.  Doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, hypnotherapists, personal trainers, Feng Shui practitioners, to name a few, have successfully integrated aromatherapy into their current professional practice.

Whether you fit into one of these “categories”, or are in a category of your own, no worries!  I am able to structure the class to meet the needs and expectations of each person or group so that no one feels “left behind”, or conversely, that the information covered is too basic for them.  It is our intention that you will leave this class with the knowledge to use the essences for a wide variety of purposes, and will respect, not fear, their healing power. 

While I am flexible and inclusive in my approach to teaching the Level 1 class, there is a lot of information covered, and many experiences that you will process long after the class is over.  So, please trust that this information is something that we all know in our hearts, and that I am  helping you to connect more deeply with your birthright, your story on this beautiful planet…vibrant health; a profound sense and love of self; an intimate relationship with the natural world; and clarity regarding your purpose on the planet.

Class Specifics

This foundational intensive is designed to ground the participant in a basic but deep understanding of the ancient relationship between humans and the Plant Kingdom.  While allopathic medicine is barely 150 years old, plant and tree medicines are thousands of years old, and medicinal aromatherapy is steeped in this ancient tradition.

  • Our emphasis is on honoring both the healing properties and the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom, and sharing the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy to enrich our contemporary lives.
  • We cover approximately 35 essential oils or essence “families” (e.g., the Spruces) in depth, exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual issues they address.
  • A wide range of application methods, from the auricular method to the “cold-hot-cold” layering technique, are demonstrated and discussed.
  • We cover essence production processes and issues, including adulteration and factors affecting quality and price.
  • Several meditations are included (some quite short, one relatively long) to reinforce the connection with the unseen world and the wisdom and peace it imparts. Have a journal with you, as there will be time after each to record your impressions and experiences.
  • A “hands-on” practicum concludes the seminar, where students are paired  up and have the opportunity to work with the essences and with each other.

Level 1 Seminar Fees and Locations

level 1 class large picThe regular tuition for the Level 1 Certification class is $575.  The tuition must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Two books (the WOTE Reference Guide and Voices of Love, Voices of Light, by Cynthia Olivera, Barry Kapp and me) are included with the course material.  Once you are certified by Wisdom of the Earth, you may audit the Level 1 class for free, space permitting (see below, under Certification Fees & Benefits).  If you have already purchased one or both of these texts, please let me know at the time of registration, and the cost will be deducted from your tuition.  We have teachers throughout the US and Japan, and the website lists upcoming Level 1 Seminars and their locations throughout the US and abroad.  The WOTE site also provides a brief bio of all of our Teachers and Master Distributors by location, in which they express their philosophy of aromatherapy and how they approach teaching the Level 1 Class.  If one of these classes is a better fit for you, their contact information is posted on their profile.  If you study with me, remember that, once certified, you may contact any other WOTE Level 1 teacher if you are interested in auditing with them.  Further details of that role are outlined below.

Certification Requirements in Addition to Seminar Attendance

Certification Paper:  You will have three months after the end of the Level 1 class to write a paper on an essence of your choosing…one that you connect deeply with, or are deeply curious about, and are called to know better.  Your paper should include information about where the essence is produced, something about the plant or tree from which it comes, any historical information about the essence and its use (spiritual, emotional and/or physical) that is noteworthy, and, most important, your experience with it.  How have you used it…have you shared it with friends or family?? What did they experience??  Many students share photographs, artwork or poetry that they have been inspired to produce as a result of their experience with the essential oil.  All of these are acceptable and welcomed!!  This is YOUR story about YOUR journey with this essence…how you came to know her and select her, and what you have learned ABOUT her and FROM her.

Certification Fee & Benefits

There is a $50 administrative fee, which covers having your paper read by me and the Education Director of Wisdom of the Earth (Cynthia Olivera) and for the issuance of a Wisdom of the Earth Certificate, acknowledging your completion of the class and your certification paper.  Once your administrative fee and paper have been received and accepted by your teacher (in this case, me), you do not need to wait for your formal certificate, and are considered a Wisdom of the Earth Wholesale Distributor (WD).  In that role, you are entitled to the following:

  • Wholesale Distributor Pricing, which is 22% less than the Practitioner (Retail) price, on all of the essential oils and hydrolats.  There are also discounts on other products, like AromaKits and WOTE books.
  • Auditing privileges at our Level 1 classes (mentioned earlier)…you may audit the Level 1 class as many times as you wish, without cost, space permitting.  Auditors are asked to bring some type of healthy refreshment/snack for the class (cookies, tea, soup or something of that nature) and help during the class by pulling essences from the tester display or returning them to their place, as requested.
    • Auditors may also help to set up and clean up, and pull orders at the end of the class.  We also welcome and encourage their participation in discussions, meditations and practical application exercises, as we believe their contributions add value to the class. The amount of participation will depend upon the number of auditors and the size of the class.  Just follow the lead of the instructor in terms of the amount and type of participation most appropriate for that particular class.

Individual Study/On-Line Level 1 Class

These sessions can be done in person or by phone/Skype/Zoom. The choice of topics and questions rests with the student. I serve as a resource and sounding board for you.

Some students prefer to study independently with me instead of, or in addition to, our Level 1 Seminar. My rates for individual study are the same as my consultation rates — $150 per hr.  Students who choose this path define the topics they wish to cover, such as “What are some of the more uncommon essential oils that you carry, and what are their main medicinal and spiritual properties?”  Others wish to explore broader topics, such as “What are some approaches you suggest for integrating the WOTE essential oils into a psychology practice, and which essences would you suggest I start with?”

One student, who was writing a book on spirituality and aromatherapy, wished to periodically spend an hour on the phone with me about 6 months after she took Level 1, going over her notes, reflecting on her ongoing experiences with the oils (both personally and with clients), and asking questions which arose from both of these sources.

In other cases, the student wishes to cover the Level 1 curriculum and receive certification via independent study. This is very effective and allows those who cannot travel to one of our pubic, face to face Level 1 offerings, to learn about the medicinal, spiritual and emotional aspects of using pure essential oils.

When you take the Level 1 class via the internet, you will be required to purchase three Level 1 AromaKits, which will ensure that you can participate fully in the exploration of the oils covered in the class, just as though you were in my studio in NM. Each session is priced according to my consulting fee of $150 per hour.  My internet students may experience the concluding practicum in their program, if they can arrange for a friend or family member to participate in that concluding segment of the class.

My practice has been to offer one free class for every five paid for.  Students have completed the Level 1 Curriculum in as few as 12 classes, or as many as 18.  The classes have been completed in as few as 6 months, and as many as 12 months, depending upon our schedules and the desired frequency and duration of the classes.  Weekly sessions, or at least two classes a month, are desirable to keep the momentum going.  I have a handout which describes the Skype option in greater detail, and includes a cost comparison between the classroom and Skype options.  Please let me know if you would like me to send you one.

Every request is different. If you have any interest in an option that is more flexible and individually focused, please call to discuss. The sessions can be done in person or by phone; both seem to work equally well. Remember… the responsibility for the topics and questions rests with the student unless we are covering the Level 1 Curriculum.

Hopefully, with all of these options, there is a way for you to delve more deeply into the fascinating world of natural plant medicines, if that is your desire. I would be honored to be your teacher if the philosophies and approaches we espouse resonate with you.