Celebrating New Beginnings

by | Apr 2, 2013

I cannot resist sharing this picture of my beautiful new grandson, Matthew, with you. He is one of several “new beginnings” in my life that have consumed my attention and energy for the last few months…resulting in a little “vacation” from writing my Essential Thoughts for the 1st quarter of 2013. My son, Brian, and his fiancee, Melanie, are the proud parents, and we just returned from two weeks in CA, where we were present for his birth and then helped the new parents settle in to their new, expanded life roles.

One way I did that was to cover my son’s new aromatherapy business, Northcoast Essentials, for a couple of weeks so that he could spend time at home with his new baby. Essential oils have been a significant part of his life for nearly 20 years, so I am excited to see him formally sharing his experiences and knowledge about the essences with his community there in Northern CA.

Another “new beginning” that has taken a considerable amount of time and effort is my new and improved website for Shining Sun Aromatherapy, which will debut around May 1st. This addition to my life is beautiful, as well :)! Every time I create or revamp a website, I am reminded just how much of a birth it is, as well. Long, laborious process…but what a rewarding and enjoyable outcome! The new content will be debuted first, and then an added e-commerce component should be active by July 1st. I am so excited by the powerful visuals I am adding to the site, as well as expanded information.

A third “new beginning” was working with Barry & Cynthia to create a new design for the Wisdom of the Earth Advanced Aromatherapy Retreat (Level II). The next offering is April 17-21, and we have reconceived the intention and delivery of this powerful and sacred experience. Our desire was to “do what Wisdom of the Earth does best”…and that is to help people expand and deepen their connection with the natural world and with their authenticity, and in so doing, support them in being powerful and passionate messengers for the plants and trees.

And, finally, the arrival of Spring affirmed for me that the topic of this Essential Thought should be “new beginnings”…and essences we should consider when faced with change and new developments in our lives. The first one to come to mind is Geranium. She is the Queen of balance and harmony, key ingredients to managing change effortlessly. When people become new parents for the first time, the far-reaching nature of that change is pretty obvious. However, less dramatic change can still affect our emotions and energy…you may feel drained or scattered. Or, you may be more irritable than is characteristic, or more “inwardly” focused. 5-7 drops of Geranium over the heart helps you to have calm control over whatever transition you are experiencing.

Another excellent essence for this situation is Scotch Pine. Often recommended when you feel overwhelmed, this essence helps us cope with the extra details and demands that “new beginnings” often represent. 5 drops on the sole of each foot or 8-10 down the spinal column helps re-establish our “rudder”, our sense of focus, and allows us to more easily recognize that progress, and outcomes, are actually the result of many small, manageable steps, taken one after the other. Scotch Pine centers and grounds you, especially if you are prone to start feeling inadequate in the face of pressure.

The last essence I would like to recommend in this context is Frankincense. This powerful essence acknowledges that new beginnings are to be celebrated…and that change can be embraced and enjoyed, not just managed and tolerated. Frankincense reminds us of our strength and resourcefulness in the face of “endings”…which are always the harbingers of other “new beginnings”. This essence is excellent at helping us to shift our perspective, to recognize that our greatest challenges can be our greatest opportunities. I have heard that challenges are opportunities “in disguise.” Frankincense can make that a reality, not just a platitude.

There you have it! Three very different, but very wonderful essences to support us in embracing and celebrating “new beginnings.”

A couple of announcements: The early registration discount for my May 4-5 Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification class in Santa Fe expires this weekend (I am extending it through Sunday, midnight for readers of this e-news). A 50% deposit of $225 will hold your place, with the balance due the first day of class. I have room for one or two more students, so if the plants and trees have been calling you, this may be the time to say “Yes”! Please call or email me if you have questions regarding the class or wish to register.

Also, I will be offering Level 1 at Northcoast Essentials (near Eureka, CA) July 27-28th. Great place to be during the heat of summer…that ocean breeze is wonderful!! Perhaps that timing or location will work for you.

It is good to be sharing these Essential Thoughts again! Until next time…be well and enjoy your essences!

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist
Owner, Shining Sun Aromatherapy & Partner, Wisdom of the Earth

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