Basil (Holy) Essential Oil…Ancient Spiritual Guide: Essence 14 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Nov 16, 2009

Surrounded by….Chocolate???

Holy Basil…I usually describe her scent as “peppery”, to distinguish her from the morechocolate swirl common Basils — Exotic, Sweet & True. But this night, as I allow her drops to fall onmy crown chakra and then gently rub several more over my heart, I am enveloped in the scent of CHOCOLATE. The scent is ebbing now, but just minutes ago, the aroma of chocolate was overwhelming…basil with a strong hint of chocolate. Incredible!! I may need to start describing her as decadent!!

Holy Basil…Ancient Rites, A Guide to the Spirit World

Although Holy Basil shares many of the attributes of the more common Basils (digestion, headaches, muscle aches, anti-inflammatory), I most often use her for her more emotional and spiritual support. Her botanical name, Ocimum basilicum sanctum, reveals the recognition of her use in ancient rituals & ceremonies. She walks with the unseen, and is a powerful guide to the spirit world. Holy Basil allows us to access cellular memory, and she reveals our past over many lifetimes. Annoint yourself with her in a quiet, sacred space, and she will surely and safely take you to the other side.

Holy Basil helps bring the troubled heart into harmony with Earth Mother. Whether the rhythm has sped up or is irregular in nature, She is there to soothe and restore balance.

graphic mind openingShe is also a strong and insightful spiritual teacher. Holy Basil remembers the lessons shown by our experiences, whether in this life, or another. She will bring us to that remembrance if we are open to see the part we have played in the situation. Taking responsibility is a huge part of spiritual awakening, otherwise, the lessons are lost on us.


Purification, Clarity & Supporting our Soul Purpose

She is a purifier of the first degree…she enters through the bloodstream, purifying the river of life. On a spiritual & emotional level, she shines a light on bad decisions and bad players in our life. Are we ready to rid ourselves of those toxins, as well, she asks?? If we are, and we use her to support us in that endeavor, we will be gifted with a clarity of purpose that will allow us to more easily identify those choices that do not support — or even worse — are contrary to the purpose held in our heart.

Holy Basil. Quite simply, a Life Coach with a capital “L”… not restricted to this life, or to the here and now, but far-reaching in her knowledge of who we truly are. It is empowering to be seen by her, understood by her, supported by her and guided by her in our soul quest. Thank you, Holy Basil, for making this a more delicious journey on several levels!

Much Love, Audreaudre

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