Basil (Exotic) essential oil… An Essence for Opening and Expanding: Essence 13 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Nov 10, 2009

Exotic Basil, Widely Known for Sore Muscles & Digestive Issues

j0438790Exotic Basil is a powerful essential oil often used by aromatherapists to ease tight muscles and sore joints. Opening, opening, opening. She gets to the core and begins a release that gently but persistently opens everything from that center outward. While she is also good for digestive issues, her propensity to irritate the skin of the stomach often leads me to use her less intense sisters (True Basil, Sweet Basil) for this purpose. But layered with Spike Lavender and Cornmint, for example, she does an incredible job of releasing muscle spasms and bringing relief to stiff necks and frozen shoulders.

Our Ocimun basilicum, the botanical name for this plant, hails from India. She effectively fights viruses, so you know she is no push-over. Because she can cause skin irritation on more tender skin types, or sensitive areas, many use her on the soles of the feet, from whence she strides into the far reaches of the body and does her work on our behalf.

The Spiritual Side of Exotic Basil

j0438720Mind blowing? Feels that way…but probably mind OPENING says it best. I just put about 8 drops of Exotic Basil on my crown chakra, and 5 or so on my neck/chest area. I am opening, opening, opening. But it is a centered type of opening, where I feel safely anchored to the Earth, yet I am opened to all that is.

Now the heat kicks in. My crown chakra is tingling and my neck feels warm. Normally I would have layered her with a cool (yin) essence on either side of her, but, wanting to experience her in her purity and singularity for the sake of this blog, I am feeling her spiciness and warmth. The warmth has a pulsing, inward sensation, counterbalancing the opening I experienced just a few moments before. Now I am being brought back to MY center. It feels like an affirmation. I am “abuzz”, if you can picture that.

So…what do these “facts” about Exotic Basil (and all of these sensations) mean? To me, Basil is telling us that she takes on a journey of expansion — our thoughts, our feelings, our vision. Are we confined to our comfort zone, or are we willing to stick out necks out?? Exotic Basil encourages us to push the boundaries in areas that call to us…find out what the reward will be! She also reminds us that the stronger connection we have to HOME…that which we love and which defines us…the safer these explorations outside of our comfort zone will be. So, the stronger our core, our foundation, the more support we have for venturing out and tasting more of life than we have felt to do before. I am tempted to say that she is whispering “You CAN go home again”, so do not fear learning that takes you afar. Bring your wisdom back with you to the place of your heart and enrich your community with it.

Exotic Basil for Accessing Past Lives

Exotic Basil is also an essence that can support delving deeply into past life experiences. She guides the inward journey into that vast storehouse of experiences that underlie our present existence. Used during meditation or massage (times during which many are at their most open), Exotic Basil can bring into our awareness flashes of memory or visual imagery that unlock past life information. In wisdom, we can consider how this might apply to patterns or experiences in our current life and find insight into how they do or do not serve us.

Exotic Basil is a dynamic essence that is about change, whether via opening to new experiences or reflecting on ancient ones. Allow her to assist you in opening…and see what the future (and the past) might bring!

Much love…Audreaudresilverweb

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