Balsam Poplar essential oil… A Powerful Companion: Essence 12 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Oct 22, 2009

Balsam Poplar’s Encouragement to Us

Balsam (poplar), botanically known as populus balsamifera, is one of our more expensive tree essences, but as she said to me when I put her on my third eye and over my heart…”I am worth it because I CAN DO IT.” Hmmm, my mind got engaged and I wondered, does she mean I (meaning me) can do it? Or I (meaning her) can do it? My heart took over and allowed me to see that it is both, because she is going to do “it” through me as part of her earth wisdom, when I partake of her.

An Ally for H1N1 as well as the Common Cold

Anyway, what is the “it” that she can do? Well, for starters, she is fabulous for colds and flus…and who isn’t thinking about the flu, with all of the discussion of the Swine Flu swirling around us?? She is certainly a power house. One whiff of her (or one dab on your heart) will tell you that. But it is a gentle power. It comes from within you, within moments of putting her on.

Addressing Dermatitis and Other Skin Problems

She is also amazing for skin erruptions. My one recent experience with her related to this healing property. I was in AZ, and had a horrific inflammation under my left breast. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty ample in this department, so a large part of the problem was the flesh of the breast lying directly on the flesh underneath the breast (time and size will do that to you!!) The infection seemed to be emanating from a small, colorless mole directly on the underside crease of my breast, and radiating out in a circle from there (with about a three inch radius).

I figured my bra had rubbed against the mole, as it was oozing fluid and a little blood. The affected circle of skin was a very angry red in color, and quite tender to the touch. Pretty scary stuff. I immediately started thinking breast cancer, you name it. I tried several of the essences that I usually would use for a skin infection or eruption (Blue Chamomile, Rose Hip Seed Oil, among them), but nothing had really shifted the energy or the appearance of this infection.

The night I really became distressed over this, I was just about to turn out the light and go to sleep, when I decided to look through the dozen or so essences on my bedside table to see if there was anything different I could try. Now, the interesting thing is…I use the essences next to my bed all of the time…that is why they are there! My Spikenard and Wild Chamomile for sleeping, Birch (Sweet), Peppermint (FR) and Black Spruce for sore muscles, etc. However, this particular night, there was one bottle in the very front…Balsam Poplar. Hmmm, I thought…what is this doing there? I didn’t remember bringing it from the office and I was a bit baffled as to what it was doing there with my “old standards.” Curious, I looked at the label (ok, I’m “busted”…Balsam Poplar was NOT one I used frequently)…and what did I see but “dermatitis”. Well, what did I have to lose? I put several drops on the area, and then tucked the hem of my soft, cotton pajama top under my breast so that the skin could “breathe” during the night.

Much to my suprise and relief, when I woke up in the morning, the red color of the skin had greatly diminished, and it was not as sore to the touch as it had been the night before. I applied Balsam Poplar again before leaving for the day, and again before bed that night. Well…to her immense credit, the infection/irritation was completely gone in about 3 full days/nights of using her. She certainly convinced me of her powerful ability to address skin problems!

A Guide Out of the Valleys of Life

Dark ValleyOn the spiritual side, she is a powerful companion (guide) to lead you out of life’s valleys. She has the ability to give us the strength to begin anew…to find that reservoir of courage and hope that allows us to put the past behind us (the event, not the lesson) and begin tackling life again with passion and confidence. When we encounter a serious setback, or are brought to our knees by the betrayal of a loved one or the discouragement of a friend or colleague, Balsam Poplar will provide the support and trust that were not found in our human circle.

Yes, she is well worth it, because she can DO IT…and so can we, with her loving support and guidance.

Much love, Audre Gutierrezgraduation-011

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