Balsam Peru essential oil…Thick, Rich & Empowering. Essence 11 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Sep 25, 2009

A little about Balsam Peru’s “Physical Self”

Wow. When I say “thick”…I am not just “whistling Dixie”! Maybe I should say THICK. You need to pull out the orifice reducer to access the essence. My first inclination is that she has a “user friendly index” of about 4 (out of 10). She quickly admonishes me by saying “But I’m worth it.”

She is dark and rich and luscious (but a little sticky, as well). I am also about to suggest that you layer her with another essence…one that has a thin viscosity…so that she doesn’t “drag” when you apply her to your skin and attempt to smooth her out. Balsam Peru steps in again. “Do not “thin” me without a medicinal purpose in mind” she says. (i.e., you may use another essence with her, if that essence will enhance achievement of the healing goal you have…for example, Balsam Peru is anti-inflammatory. So, if you were going to use her on a sprained, swollen ankle, you could layer her with Lavender, Spike and/or Birch, Sweet, both of which are also very anti-inflammatory as well as highly analgesic. This would make her easier to “spread”, but that would not be the main purpose…the layering would also bring more anti-inflammatory power to your situation, as well as pain-relief power. ) She is not “into” changing her texture –changing who she is — solely for ease of use. But she will eagerly work with other essences to help someone who needs her.

Authenticity with a touch of Flexibilty…A Win-Win Situation

I think this is a powerful message for us all. Do not change who you are purely for someone else’s convenience…but be flexible when the situation calls for it. I remember a presentation skills class I took early in my career. The instructor gave me a very valuable gift; in so many words, she said to me what I just said to you. Here’s what happened. I have always spoken quickly…so quickly, that many, many people advised me to “slow down.” But that wasn’t me! So, either I tried to slow my speech, and ended up sounding somewhat fake, or I spoke at my normal speed and felt “guilty” because I had been told it made me sound insecure, or made it difficult for people to understand me. Talk about a “lose-lose” situation!! Enter this wonderful teacher.

I gave my first talk for feedback, and she observed that I talked very quickly. “Here we go again” I thought…”someone else telling me that I need to slow down.” She continued…”I believe you do that because you are intelligent, and process information very quickly; also, you are enthused about what you are talking about…your passion and enthusiasm are reflected in the speed with which you speak. These are both very positive attributes, and I DON’T WANT YOU TO LOSE THEM BY SLOWING YOUR SPEECH. However, I would suggest that you vary your speed a bit…go a little slower in the introductory information, or where you are giving details, and talk more quickly when you are discussing the benefits of a recommendation, telling a personal story for human interest, or seeking to inspire your audience to take a certain action. Learn to emphasize key phrases and create visuals by your words…acheive understanding through emphasis rather than slowing down. Then, your enthusiasm and passion will work positively for you and your audience.” She was telling me to be who I was, but to demonstrate flexibility in those situations where a different approach would be more effective!

When Change “Becomes Us”

I took her advice…it made sense to me and preserved an important part of my identity…and became a respected and sought-after speaker in the many companies I worked for in the years that followed. So…we may sometimes make changes that, once we become comfortable with them, make us more of who we truly are than our previous way of being. We are empowered by the change we have chosen to make…and that is the best change of all!

A Price We Pay for the Masks We Wear

Balsam Peru is also good for balancing blood pressure…a condition often caused by stress. Can you imagine the stress of being in the world in a way that does not truly reflect who you are? A job that compromises your values, or does not allow you to express your creativity? A relationship that brings out the worst in you, or keeps your “light under a bushel”, versus one that makes you shine? A location that does not inspire you, or, perhaps, where you need to fear for your safety, versus a place that makes you feel that you are “home” whenever you drive down your street or walk in your back door.

The need or pressure to be someone whom we ARE NOT to meet the requirements of a job or to satisfy others takes a toll on our physical and spiritual health. Balsam Peru is there to say Be True to Yourself! I think you will be surprised to see how many times a day you may edit yourself or alter your behavior. Just ask yourself…am I being flexible, and being just another part of “me”…or am I compromising who I truly am? If you get to many “yeses” to the compromise option, it is time to take stock of the environment you have created for yourself. Because if you created one environment, you can always create another! One that welcomes your true self, in all of its beauty and authenticity. One in which you can be whole.

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