Balsam gurjun…You can count on me! Essence 10 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Sep 19, 2009

audre facing west

Calling forth the energies of the West in the Medicine Wheel


I went to bed last night feeling quite a bit under the weather; when I awoke, I was much better, thanks to two auricular treatments with the oils. I felt that it was not a good day to blog about the essences, as I am rarely sick, and really feel “not me” when I am. However, Balsam gurjun was not to be denied!! When I sat down at the computer to check emails, I was drawn to write…sick or not! So…here I am.

Balsam gurjun for respiratory problems

I placed Balsam gurjun all around my throat (I am dealing with a respiratory “thing”, so I thought…good! She will help with that!), and then placed several drops on my crown chakra. I am feeling a definite energy around my ears and lymph glands, so she is going to work quickly on the congestion I am feeling there.

Balsam gurjun’s message: You can count on me!

But it is the energy on my crown chakra that will not be denied!! The phrase “You can count on me” ran through my mind as soon as the drops of Balsam gurjun essential oil touched my scalp. I am feeling a pulling at my crown…almost like there is a golden string attached to the top of my head and someone (Balsam gurjun??) is tugging on it. The pulsating energy is palpable, and not entirely comfortable! There is an urgency there…maybe this is what couldn’t wait until tomorrow. OK, Balsam gurjun…what do you want to say to the world??

I am being reminded that my “usual” use of her is to take the “bite” out of insect stings, or scratches caused by tree branches or bushes while hiking. When you put her on something red and irritated…she immediately goes to work to calm the hurt and irritation. Literally in seconds. As always, it is helpful to take that physical experience into the emotional and spiritual realm to see how those properties will benefit us there.

Championing the Vulnerable

Ahhh. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Although my mother always said that to me when the kids at school would say something unkind, I never really got the hang of putting that into practice! The words DID hurt…expecially if those words struck a vulnerable area. So…Balsam gurjun is telling me that she can help us when the words or deeds of others hurt us. She can do that by comforting us, but also by helping us become strong…strong enough to stand up for our truth, or strong enough to make needed changes in areas where we are vulnerable.

There was a very sad story in the news today about a mother who killed herself and her daughter to escape the decade-long taunting of her family by young punks in her neighborhood. Some of the taunting was verbal, some was physical (e.g., egging the house, putting firecrackers in the mailbox, breaking windows). The mother had reported dozens of these incidents to the local authorities, but had not received much, if any, help. The story ended in tragedy.

I sense that Balsam gurjun isn’t only talking to us of our OWN hurts, our OWN vulnerabilities; she is urging us to be strong for others who need us, as well. To stand up for those who are victimized, to be the voice for those who have been silenced.

Find in your heart something or someone you can truthfully and passionately champion. Place Balsam gurjun on your heart to support you in your efforts to contribute to a greater good or to right an obvious wrong. She is in YOUR corner; she is YOUR champion. You can do it. She will bring the strength of the Plants & Trees to your aid; She will support you in calling forth the guidance of the angels. You will not fight for your cause, whatever you choose, alone. You can count on her.

Much love, Audre

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