Artemisa Essential Oil…Essence 9 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences in 365 Days

by | Sep 8, 2009

“What’s eating you???” I am searching for a “one liner” to capture the special essence of Artemisia (artemisia vulgaris Linn), and this pops up. I know she is wonderful for physical things like repelling insects, and addressing parasites (especially worms). She is also a wonder of aromatherapy in that she tackles the mysterious world of the brain…brain functioning on the physical level, and balancing the heart and mind. So if it is mind chatter that is “eating you up”, she is your queen.

The 8-10 drops I put on my crown chakra are doing an interesting tango in my brain. There is a refreshing quality to her sensation…kind of an effervescence, yet I feel subdued in a calm, not coerced, way. She has somehow managed to lighten my cerebral load. Now the top of my head feels like it is being pinched, gently. What is she attempting to remind me of?? Since I am a person who pretty much lives in my heart (though I am quite analytical, my heart definitely rules), I think I am being guided to let my mind weigh in more. To honor the mind more, as I have definitely joined the ranks of those who are quite disillusioned with where the “great minds” of our civilization have gotten us.

I am being told by Artemisia essential oil that, like anything, the issue is not black and white. That there have been some stunning achievements by the thinkers of our society, to help counterbalance the GMO wonders of the world. I am being softly chastised for letting my disillusionment with science and business cloud my knowing that NOTHING is one way. Everything has a purpose, even things (like GMOs) with which I profoundly disagree. I am being “forced” to consider the very positive groundswell these attacks upon our Mother Earth have spawned…one of those being the “back to the land” movement, of which our tiny “farm” (which has yet to grow an edible thing) is a small part. Nothing pleases me more than to sit with my chickens…see their little squabbles (ahhh, what a great appreciation I now have for the etimology of the phrase “pecking order”), hear their beautiful little sounds, see their curiosity and delight with the day’s table scraps. For me, it doesn’t get simpler or more satisfying that this.

Artemisia, from Nepal, is also wonderful for respiratory issues. She reminds us that breath feeds the body, including the mind. This essential oil is a messenger for the yogis…a bridge between the physical breath and the sweet state of bliss that accompanies a beautifully crafted yoga pose. If we cannot breath fully and deeply…what is it that we are holding?? Do we fear to receive or do we fear to let go??

Artemisia helps the brain that is struggling with memory loss, damage from stroke, or from degenerative diseases like dementia. She helps to restore the brain physically, as well as to seek the perfect balance with the heart and the spirit. Who among us wouldn’t love to feel that we have properly balanced what we think with what we feel? Artemisia helps us to walk that line beautifully, with grace and agility. She “spots us” , keeps us on track, lets us know that we are ALL ABOUT BALANCE, both internal and external. What an incredible coach is available in that little bottle.

Shared with you in love…Audre

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