Arnica montana Mountain Tobacco Essential Oil…Essence 8 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences in 365 Days

by | Sep 2, 2009

Blogging on Aromatherapy Took A Back Seat for a Few Days!

audreI am feeling today like I am getting a little behind in my blogging of all of the Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils…while I have 365 days to cover around 240 essences/hydrosols, my trip to Pittsburgh to visit family and teach a Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy class set me back a little! I couldn’t get my computer to work there, and then Leonard and I were busy, after the class, spending time with my mom, sister, nephews, and my son and daughter, who came to Pittsburgh from California to see their grandma. She was 86 on her July 13th birthday, and with my son having his 33rd birthday in August (22nd) and mine (the “big 6-0″) in July (29th) we thought it would be a great opportunity to have something of a family reunion!!

A Sneak Preview of — My Aromatherapy Blog!

So…here I am, back in New Mexico…so good to be home, and so good to be back in the routine that allows me to take a special essence, commune with it, and share the experience with you! Oh! One other bit of news…I have named my Aromatherapy Blog “Fearless Aromatherapy”. It feels right to me! I have been called “fearless” many times in the past…in my next blog, I will tell the story that affirmed within me that Fearless Aromatherapy was exactly the message I wanted to send!

Arnica montana — An Ancient Wound Healer

But now…drum roll…to Arnica montana. Arnica is made from the flowers and root (interesting combination!!!) of a plant colloquially known as Mountain Tobacco. She is widely known as a powerful herb for wound healing, sprains, bruises, and pain from torn or pulled muscles. The essential oil version of this incredible herb is thick and black…no amount of patience is going to bring it out of the orifice reducer. I remove it, and smear a few dabs of the greenish-black, syrupy liquid on my wrists.

All is Not Lost

Wow. I am “taken down a notch” energetically. Arnica communicates to me (though I don’t know exactly how) that she is powerful enough to heal a spirit that has literally given up hope. When you’ve lost heart or lost hope…she is the one to turn to. I am getting sensations of great loss…losing entire families, villages, businesses, precious children before their time (by our earthly standard). Her mantra is “All Is Not Lost.” I see the dark side of things…huge disappointment, cruelty, unsavory actions based on greed or anger or revenge. She is telling me that nothing is out of reach of her calm and powerful healing. She takes our deepest wounds, our darkest fears into her darkness, and by the alchemy of the plants and trees, transforms them into light.

The Power in the Valleys of Life

This is not an unsettling journey with her, but a surprisingly calming one. Because we will all face the “dark night of the soul” at some point (or points) in our journey to evolve on this plane, there is a peace in knowing that we will have an aromatherapy friend to help us learn our lessons there, and begin the process of bringing light to that dark place.

Arnica montana reminds me of my frequent message that it is not necessary or even advisable to live our lives striving to avoid the depths that are possible (death of a loved one, tragedy, betrayal, etc.), but instead, to live them knowing that, should we experience those depths, we are stronger than we ever dreamed possible, and that we are not alone. Arnica montana is there to work with that darkness, that pain and find the purpose and the message in it.

Blessings, Audre

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