Announcing the winners of the WOTE Scavenger Hunt and the unexpected “prize” for WOTE

by | Apr 19, 2022

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Congratulations to the three winners of our Scavenger Hunt who answered all twelve of the questions correctly.  Actually 5 people did, and we randomly drew the names of these three people from that group:  Janette Lentes, Robert Hall and Carrie Parris (who happened to be the first person to respond!).  Each has received a $100 gift certificate to Wisdom of the Earth.  For those who are scratching their heads over what they may have missed, the three questions most often answered incorrectly or only partially correct were the reason for a consultation, the movement method developed by Cynthia Olivera, and the number of domestic and international Master Distributors.

It was fun reading the respondents answers and “hearing” their enthusiasm as they expressed how much they enjoyed playing the game.  But the “surprise” (for me) gift in all of the responses was how personally people responded to the question about which two of the WOTE Differences meant the most to them.  Some people relatively new to us and our essential oils were enthused about learning more about the philosophies and values that created and continue to shape our company.  Others, some of whom have been treasured students and clients for many, many of our 20+ years in business, spoke movingly about why they were so loyal to WOTE and the difference the values we hold have made in their health and happiness.  I was deeply touched by their words.

I want to share just some of the comments with you, and, even if you didn’t participate in the game, I invite you to reflect on why you are drawn to our oils and our company and how that reflects your priorities and beliefs.

The human touch:  Raising the vibration through hand-pouring, bringing warmth to the oil, versus machine touch:  bringing a sense of coldness.  Humans and plants have an energetic duty to one another to raise vibration for the planet’s sake.

I love that you love to work with farmers who love their plants and are passionate about the essential oils they help bring into the world.

A sacred trust handed down by the Plants, Trees and Ancestors because I practice connecting to the natural world and I believe in their consciousness and ability to share their deep healing with us.  

Education – focus is the person and potential core issue vs symptom like other companies, proper application for safety, and most importantly…focus is on integrity versus making money selling.

The sacred aspect of pouring by hand makes a significant difference to me, it is a personal feeling that machines cannot provide.  

Unblended oils ensure natural effectiveness, unhampered by a marketing agenda.

The energy of your hand poured oils is far superior to oils that were bottled in a factory.  I can feel the love and intention that is poured into every bottle.

So many essences on the market have additives to make the scent uniform or dilute their essences with carrier oils to make them “safe” or to make them more profitable.  I really respect the integrity of WOTE for committing to single, pure essences.

Hand-pouring:  The extra love and energy makes them potent ritual oils.  My clients always comment on their energy.

Shared values:  Again, this extra touch of love and intention from beginning to end is palpable, even to those who don’t know the whole story yet.

The heart-centered care and love from family farmers to the devotion along the journey across the lands to each hand-poured bottle that enhances the vibration and connection we each receive.

Heart-based suppliers…this is important to me because I know and deeply feel that the way a plant is looked after, cared for and loved hugely influences its frequency and therefore its healing powers.  Just like I do with my ceremonial cacao, the more love is poured into the plant, the more love is spread across the world with each drop and bottle of your essential oils.  Truly makes my  heart sing, reading about the network of heart-based farmers and suppliers, one big plant medicine family!

Single, pure essences…this means the most to me because I feel that our Creator made things perfectly and the fact that WOTE shares that feeling and does not manipulate the beautiful and lovely oils is rare and outstanding.

Education…I am so blessed to be part of this WOTE family and know that I can get guidance from such a knowledgeable, loving and caring staff.

I love that you have single, pure essences that come in the chemical integrity of Nature.  Over the years of using your oils, I’ve found that their scents, while possibly varying over time, seem so much purer and compelling than any other oils I’ve used.  

Many moons ago in Santa Fe, Audre was the first person to introduce me to the concept of single, undiluted oils, and how when oils are blended, it dilutes the medicine’s opportunity to work.  Since then, I’ve never looked back.  It’s rare to find people who are committed to single, non-blended essences.  Thank you!

And so many more….but these give you the idea of the themes and heart-felt sentiments woven throughout.

I was so inspired by the comments we received, both in answer to this question and as an introduction to the submission of their answers, that I feel even more committed to our values of quality, purity, non-dilution, hand-pouring, single essences, education, supporting small farmers and other conscious suppliers, and in general, honoring the “wisdom of the earth” over the blending, diluting, or chemical alteration practices of humans.  So, I thank you for affirming these values and priorities of ours, and helping to further anchor our practices in them.

As I sit typing, basking in the healing energy of Sweet Basil for a little stomach upset I was feeling, and Spike Lavender for a shoulder that still aches from being injured in a recent car accident, I wonder, as I often do, how people cope with pain, worry, injuries, discomfort, or confusion without the healing power of these beauties?  When I was experiencing significant, literally debilitating nausea from pain medications given in the emergency room after the collision, nothing worked that was prescribed for me….but the Basil, Ginger, Cardamom Seed (Green), Laurel Leaf and Tarragon that I turned to in desperation worked like a charm.  The only thing that did.  And as I frequently do, I gave thanks that they are in my life, and that I found my life’s calling in making them available  to others.

So, this is a labor of love, and a journey of ongoing discovery and gratitude.  Thank you for being such an important part of it!

Love, Audre Gutierrez
Owner, Wisdom of the Earth

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