Angelica Root Essence 5 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Aug 18, 2009

Had a fabulous weekend, teaching 8 wonderful women about the incredible world of medicinal aromatherapy! I was eager to get back to my blogging project…blogging about the 200+ Wisdom of the Earth essences, one at a time! The fifth essence has a botanical name that clearly “announces” who Angelica Root really is…angelica archangelica. Just typing that gives me chills.

I open the bottle…a 5 ml, small bottle, carring a power house of an essence. I breath in, deeply. In a couple of seconds, the energy shifts, and all of a sudden, I feel that I am being drawn into the bottle…into the essence of Angelica Root. That there is a space within her into which I can fall. Kind of a “down the rabbit hole” experience. The next sensation is that of being “filled up.” That she is a well to drink from, figuratively speaking.

Whew. All of this in but a few moments. I recall an account of Angelica Root in one of Stephen Buhner’s books…he talked about the plant having a hollow stem, and that, shamanically (though I do not believe he used that word), it signified that the plant was useful in working with infertility. I have sometimes used the essence in that way with certain clients…as a support, physically, for them to become pregnant. That she is known for hormonal balance, especially estrogen, is surely helpful for many.

I find, also, that Angelica Root can bring the issue of WHY the client (or the couple of which she is a part) WANTS a baby. I was once moved to ask a client if she wanted to become pregnant to fill a void in her marriage. She was shocked, at first, then moved to tears. She looked at me with realization on her face, saying, “now I know why I have not been able to become pregnant…I have wanted to for the wrong reason.” A huge insight…brought to you by Anglica Root.

A product of France (the origin of our essence of Angelica Root), The essential oil is for the Central Nervous System, mental clarity (ah, ha! perhaps the stimulus for the insight mentioned above), nausea, and migraines. She is anti-spasmodic (I can use her tonight on leg muscles that keep tightening..) and works on strengthing/balancing the higher chakras.

Amazingly, the hollow stem of the plant is suggestive of another of its uses…as is its botanical name. Angelica Root aids in opening/clearing channels for angelic manifestation. I remember getting a “hit” on an essence for a woman who came to my booth at a holistic health show in San Diego. She told me she could only afford ONE essence…and that she was a healer. I told her that I felt she should get Angelica Root…as it would make her a clear channel for angelic and other dimensional communication. She stared at me….then said….”every morning when I wake up, I ask the Universe to make me a “clear channel” for the wisdom of the ancients and the angelic realm. I can’t believe you tapped into that and knew that was what I aspire to!! ”

Angelica…what a wise one you are, and so generous waudre-gutierrezith your wisdom, if we will but ask and then listen. Thank you. With love and blessings, Audre

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