Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood)…Essence 4 of my “Julie & Julia” Inspired Goal to Blog about all 240 of the Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapy Essences

by | Aug 13, 2009

I had a long day yesterday…got the cottage straightened up, said goodbye to my husband, who is staying in AZ for a few days longer to finish a kitchen remodel (that was HARD!…not the kitchen remodel, although that is no walk in the park, though Leonardo makes it look easy…but leaving him in AZ and coming back to NM), and driving for almost 8 hours with the dogs, Maggie & Corazon.

So…no essence of the day yesterday…but today is another matter!

amyris-botanical-printThis was Amyris’ morning…in the “old” days, they called her “Poor man’s Sandalwood”…having a scent much like that ancient and very costly essential oil. But as I opened her, waited (somewhat) patiently for one of her deep amber, full drops to grace my fingertip, I distinctly had the sense that Amyris was asking to be known for who she truly is.

Patience is definitely her watchword. You cannot hurry her (just like you can’t “hurry” love or fine wine!). Now that is an important lesson in itself. In our busy world, our business is our undoing. We don’t have time to cook. We don’t have time to have a “real” conversation. We don’t have time to exercise or do yoga. Yet we have time to be glued to our TVs or our computer screens. And…though I have not succumbed to the Twitter phenomenon…many of us have time to “tweet” our days away. She is, just by being WHO SHE IS (i.e., a viscosity thicker than most, but her drops can come through the orifice reducer, if you will only be patient), a reminder that you cannot hurry everything, and you shouldn’t hurry most things!

One of the most intelligent advertising slogans of the past few years, in my mind, was “no wine before its time.” This, to me, respected nature’s time. Her gracious ripening of the grapes, her alchemy in turning the grapes and other ingredients into wine. No food industry gases to turn a green peach golden…fooling you into thinking the inside will be luciously ripe, but it is not.

I am also struck by her gentleness. She has an intoxicating smell (yes, she is an aphrodisiac, too), and a deeply calming chemistry. But what floats above all of that is a beautiful gentleness that really sets her apart. Some would mistake gentleness for weakness, but not so with Amyris, and not so with gentleness, usually. There is a strength within her gentleness that reminds you of the distinction between force and strength. One wants to “hurry” its agenda, one works with time. And time and again, true strength wins out over force, in the long run.amyris-wood

She is made from the seasoned wood and branches of the amyris balsamifera tree.She comes from Haiti, where things are softer and slower than our culture is used to. She is the difference between reggae and hard rock, or reggae and classical music. There is an earthy swaying to her energy. No wonder she helps harmonize blood pressure.

Physically, she relaxes tight muscles, is a lymphatic and venous decongestant. She aids in prostate enlargement and prostatitis. The WOTE Reference Guide also mentions varicose veins and spider veins as coonditions she can help.

Amyris is about harmony, balance, patience and gentleness. Her exotic fragrance is reminiscent of a soft, West Indes breeze…bringing the moist and sultry scent of the tropics on its wings.

Much love, Audre

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