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Sourcing powerful, pure essential oils is the heart of what we do at Wisdom of the Earth. However, my love of beauty and my enjoyment of artisan accoutrements allow me to enjoy my essences even more! Accessories are like the icing on the cake, a very, very delicious cake!

In this section of the website, I am presenting an ever-changing selection of “one of a kind”, artisan pendulums* (many created using “found objects” for the holder). Going forward, the pendulums are going to be joined by several other accessories offerings… specifically, beautiful diffusers, including some in the form of unique, artisan necklaces which act as personal essence diffusers, and, when I can obtain them, hand-crafted totes for carrying regular-sized essential oils. These offerings reflect the personality of the creator or the company and are singular or limited-quantity productions in most cases.

I love to work with artisans and companies who provide inspired offerings in a world flooded with the ordinary. Our essential oils are not ordinary…why should our pendulums, diffusers or carrying cases be ordinary? Of course, the answer is, they shouldn’t!

~ Audre Gutierrez

*Some of the artisans I work with also make custom pendulums; I am happy to provide their contact information if you are interested in placing a custom order.



I love to work with artisans. I find several “accessories” invaluable to my use of essential oils. First among them are natural stone pendulums. I am drawn to stones and holders that conver meaning to me… symbolism, color and energy coming together to enhance my work with pure, single essential oils. 

Essential oil quality and vibrancy:

I use pendulums as one tool to evaluate the purity and energy of essential oil samples I receive from farmers the world over. I have found them to be highly discerning and accurate.

Barry and I once did a “test” on twelve samples we had received from a new, possible supplier.  I evaluated them using my pendulum, and determined that nine of the twelve tested positive for purity, and did not consist of any other substances (mix of oils, carrier oil, etc.).  These nine also had from strong to very strong energy, as indicated by the pendulum’s swing size and velocity.  The other three were questionable in terms of containing substances other the pure oil itself, or had not been distilled properly.  

Barry then performed the same tests with his pendulum.  Without conferring with me, he identified the same nine as being pure and of good or excellent energy, and had set aside the other three oils as not being a quality we were interested in.

When we compared notes we were so pleased…but not surprised.  We had both used pendulums as part of our evaluation of oil samples over the years and had great confidence in them.  This is not new…think “divining rods”, “y” shaped tree branches, often willow, used to locate underground water resources, among other things.  This practice was cited in the 15th century and even before.

Essential oil choices:

I will also often use one of my pendulums to make a choice or choices among multiple essential oils which could be effective for the situation posed to me by a client.  I will ask the pendulum, while holding it over the open bottle of oil, if it will be effective for the situation or condition being experienced by the client (whom I name).  For me, a clock-wise movement is a “yes”, and the size and velocity of the movement signifies the strength of the answer.  Counter-clockwise is a “no”, and back and forth or no movement (other than perhaps a little “quiver”) indicates “no answer”.  That is how I have programmed my pendulums to respond to me; other people use other methods that work for them.

As a person who loves artistry and beauty, pendulums are a perfect tool for me.  They are visually appealing and also very discerning when I have questions I would like to more directly tap into my higher self to answer.

I work with a number of artisans who craft beautiful, consciously made pendulums for divination purposes.  I hope you will find YOUR pendulum, or a very special one for a friend or loved one, in my Collection.  

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