A Whole New Perspective on Receiving

by | Mar 18, 2010

The Healing Power of Touch

We always say in our Level 1 & 2 classes that one of the healing aspects of medicinalaromatherapy that often goes unnoticed, or undervalued, is TOUCH. Topical application of the essences offers the greatest healing power (versus inhalation or ingestion). This is primarily because of the absorption rate, but also because of the application on the skin…touch. We suggest that essences be dripped directly onto the skin (undiluted – sometimes referred to as “neat”) and then feathered or massaged into the area of concern…the knee, shoulder, whatever you are treating. Of course, this advice applies only when you are using pure, medicinal grade essences whose quality you know and trust.

Students and clients have repeatedly and, often jokingly, expressed that their significant other, or their mother, or their child has wanted THEM to apply the essences (instead of the person applying it him or herself), even when the area of concern is easily reached. “Oh, no,” the client will say…”they won’t apply the essences themself…they want ME to!” And, we have always laughingly replied that it is much nicer to have the essences applied by someone else…especially someone who is loving and cares about you!!

When my husband, Leonardo, wrote his certification paper on Vetiver, he did the requisite research into its origin, production, etc. In the more personal section of the paper, where he was discussing his relationship to Vetiver, and how he had used her in his life, he spoke briefly about the importance of touch in having Vetiver applied to him. Often, when Leonardo talks about the paper to a client or friend, he will mention his discussion of touch, almost as though his entire paper focussed it; I have come to realize that it is that aspect of the paper that most powerfully continues to “speak” to him.

The other night, we were putting oils on each other before going to sleep. I was putting Vetiver and St. John’s Wort on him, and was telling him what I wished for him to put on me. When it was my turn, he had no idea what I oils I wanted him to use for me…”But I just told you! When I was putting your oils on!” And it was then that he had the insight. “I didn’t really hear you because I was purely in a receiving state.” My mind was completely turned off so that I could be fully open to receive the essences! It is so different when I apply the essences to myself; I have to be in the thinking mode…what I am going to use, where, how much, etc., as well as the receiving mode. That thought process doesn’t allow me to be as fully open to receiving the oils as when you put them on me. Then I can be a pure receptor.”

I have continued to think about the power of that insight since we had that discussion. Being aPURE receptor…being open in heart, mind, body, spirit. No thinking, no judging, no talking. Just being open on a pure, complete level. I am reminded of that as my goal when I meditate…wholly open, wholly ready to receive.

I know in my heart that this degree of openness to the essences and their healing messages and effects surely enhances the healing process and bond, the relationship between the essence and the receiver of that essence. It is like when we truly SEE a person, truly HEAR a person…no background thoughts or mental planning to distract, even at a subtle level. Just a full and open receiving of them…truly the greatest gift we can give another.

So, you may ask…what does this mean for me, if I have no one to apply the essences to me?? I would first suggest that you may, in fact, have someone to apply them. While the examples I gave earlier were of true intimates…partner, child, parent…this beautiful principle also applies to people with whom we have lesser ties. Take your oils to your massage therapist to have them applied on you; ask a friend to do an “essence share” …in our Level 1 class, we conclude the weekend with a “practical”…where two students who usually do not know each other except from the class as paired up as partners. Each has 15-20 minutes to work silently on the other — head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet — with three to five essential oils they have intuited for their partner. The results are literally incredible. The faces and energy of the people are changed…their testimonials give words to the love and high vibration that emanate from them. Fifteen minutes, unfamiliar individuals, no verbal guidance, head/neck/shoulders/hands/feet only, 3-5 essences …and this is a formula for transformation? Over ten years of doing this allows me to say without reservation, YES. I can’t imagine at least one friend or acquaintance wouldn’t enjoy sharing this experience with you, if you but have the courage to ask!

Finally…if those ideas are not an option…I would suggest making your self-application more of a ceremony and less of a “treatment”. Get your mind out of the equation as much as possible. Choose the essences ahead of time. Don’t worry so much about exactly how many drops you are using. (Trust the Universe that the amount will be exactly what you need!). Create a quite space and just ALLOW yourself to gently drip the essences on you and focus on the sensation of them. Bond with them, speak in your heart to them, thank them. Create as pure a receptive state as you can, and then give yourself a few moments with these sensations before going back to your usual routine.

Receiving…such a powerful part of healing. I know it. Thank you, Leonardo.

Much love,

Audre Gutierrez