A recent “scare” concerning my little chick reminds me of the power of the essences with birds!

by | May 11, 2009

Last evening, my husband and I were cleaning the box we are keeping our two new little chicks in…he was holding the chicks, and I was replacing their feed, water, etc. He looked at me and asked me to feel the chest of the one little white-feathered chick (about a week old)…I did, and felt a large lump. We checked the other chick, to see if it was perhaps her crop…where the food she had eaten was being held as it was being processed by her body for nourishment. Its chest felt completely fine…no protrusion of any kind or size.

My heart went to my throat, because about three months ago, I found one of our other little chicks (her sisters and brother are now quite large and are housed in the barn) lying on the floor of her crate, shaking badly…like having a seizure. I thought perhaps she was just too cold…though the three other chicks were fine…so I wrapped her in a towel and brought her into my sunny office to warm up in the window. I put a drop of lavender essential oil on her to calm her down. A little while later, she was actually chirping again, and had quit shaking, though she was still lying on the floor.

I held her and petted her for a bit, then went back to my work. I was feeling optimistic, but about 20 min. later, I went over to her again, and she was dead. I felt terrible. Leonard said that he wanted to check her over thoroughly before burying her, in case it was a physical thing that we should check the other chicks for.

A minute later we saw the culprit…a large (grape-sized) hard, reddish lump right near her throat, hidden in her feathers. It was a tumor for sure. I was just sick, as I felt that I might have saved her with the essences if I had found it earlier. The other chicks were ok, and as I mentioned above, have grown into beautiful, black, healthy young chickens.

After that experience, this time, I was going for broke with my little chick! At this point, she had no interest in the fresh water or food, and was pretty much laying on the floor of the box, just slightly moving around. I put about 8 drops of Lavender (Highland) on her chest, sprayed the area with Helichrysum hydrosol, and started hoping for the best. Leonard held her to his chest for about 30 min., then we put her back with her sister/brother (we don’t know which, yet), and went to bed. The smell of lavender was pretty overpowering…I started wondering if I had applied too much to such a small bird. But, given the dire circumstances, and my experience the last time of “too little, too late”, I decided that I needed to be aggressive–that it was my best chance to save her.

When I woke up this morning, I was afraid to check on her…I honestly thought she passed away over night. Lo and behold, when I looked in the box, she was running around with her sibling, drinking water and eating!! I was overjoyed! I felt her chest, and there was very little (perhaps 15%) left of the marble-sized growth. This evening, before bed, I put another few drops of Lavender over the remaining protrusion and feel highly optimistic that she will be fine!!

A few years ago, I treated my mother’s little parakeet for mites…they had infested her claws and beak…her beak had whitish lumps all over it, and she was picking/pecking at her feet and claws unmercifully..they were starting to bleed and looked terrible. Her feathers were dull looking too, and my mom said she hadn’t sung for days and days.

When I went to the pet store to see what I could get for her…all they had was a treatment for parakeet mites that had the sign for poison on it…and instructions that said for the applier to wear thick rubber gloves, the solution was so toxic. After reading THAT, my sister and I decided not to try that treatment…if it was too toxic for a human, it certainly wasn’t anything I wanted to put on a sick, depleted little bird.

I was visiting my mom for just a few days, and had very few essences with me, because of the restriction on fluids newly applied to carry on luggate. I went through my small stash of oils, and decided to put several drops of Black Cumin in her food to support her taxed immune system, made a “make-shift” lavender hydrosol out of the lavender oil I had with me and some water (not ideal…the real hydrosol is created when the essence..in this case, lavender…is distilled), and sprayed her all over with that. Then, I put a couple of drops of Helichrysum italicum in her water.

I remember having to chase her around the cage…my hand just inside the door, clutching the lavender “hydrosol” and spraying wildly…as she was none too enthusiastic about being sprayed. But the first morning after I started the treatment, I was elated to see that her beak was COMPLETELY cleared of the infestation, just from drinking the water with helichrysum in it.

 In a day or two, she would stand completely still while I sprayed her with the lavender “hydrosol”…and in a week, my sister (who had taken up the treatment when I returned to NM) called to report that the bird was completely back to normal…no sign of the mites or their damage, and she was singing constantly and back to eating and drinking her regular amount of food! We kept up the treatment for a couple of more weeks, to ensure that any future mites would meet the same fate as their ancestors, and, to date, she has never had parakeet mites again.

So…these experiences with the essences and small birds reaffirms my conviction that the essences are powerful with animals…even something as small and as sick as a parakeet with a horrific case of mites and a small chick with a relatively large growth on her chest.

I would love to hear any essence experiences you might have had with birds or other pets…and I would be happy to try to answer any questions you might have regarding the use of essences with animals.

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