A Departure, a Returning and St. John’s Wort — A Breath of Fresh Air!

by | Feb 18, 2010

One of my clients called me the other day and asked where my posts were!! “I’ve been waiting!” she said…”When are you going to post again?” While I have been very, very busy with a 6 week program through Whispering Energy Collaborative for “heart-based businesses” — Yep! That’s Shining Sun Aromatherapy! — and have been spending considerable time with it, I realized that that was not the only reason.

When I committed to blogging about all of the beautiful essences in the Wisdom of thefeeling fenced in Earth portfolio, I turned my “blogging attention” to only that. I realized, talking to my friend & client, that this decision had taken me out of the “flow” and made me feel fenced in, and my subconscious wasn’t really all that crazy with the arrangement! So, I decided it was time to make a new choice (Departure)… and go back to my original blogging process (Returning) so I did!! I will continue to blog about the essences, but not necessarily in alphabetical order, and I will also intersperse those blogs with others that are just about life and how the essences support us in literally any endeavor or situation we find ourselves in. Ahhh. This decision feels good!

That being said…I want to talk today about an incredible experience I had with St. John’s Wort recently.

My husband, Leonardo, is probably the nicest guy on the face of the planet. Those of you who know him know I am not exaggerating (much) ! :) However, he has dealt with anxiety and depression his whole life, and since he has discovered the essential oils, through our relationship, he has become close friends with those that uplift and calm us, like Wild Chamomile, Lavender, the citruses, and Vetiver. A few months ago, I encouraged him to use St. John’s Wort on a regular basis, because of its legendary effectiveness as an anti-depressant. Although he wasn’t very familiar with her, he quickly brought her into his daily regimen.

One morning, we were talking before getting up for the day, and he said that he was feeling “a little down.” “Honey”, I said…”Put on some of your St. John’s Wort!” He took it off of the window sill (you should see our bedroom…oils on my bedside table, oils on his, oils on the window sill behind our bed….you get the picture) and sprinkled some on his chest and started rubbing it in. All of a sudden, he started dripping some on my chest…me, ever thinking about the cost of things, including St. John’s Wort, said “Don’t put it on me! I don’t need it, I feel fine!” Just as the words came out of my mouth, I started feeling the essence of St. John’s Wort penetrate my skin and enter my bloodstream. The feeling was indescribable…but I will try!

dandelion in breezeFirst, I felt a feeling of renewal spread through me. I felt refreshed, renewed. Like a breath of fresh air had gently blown through me. It was followed, a few minutes later, by a sense of well-being that was so sure and so deep that it permeated every cell of my body. Wow. Priceless.

St. John’s Wort, known and used in Europe for all levels of depression, was portrayed


st. johns wortin this country as best for “mild depression”, planting the impression that only pharmaceutical drugs could address moderate to severe depression. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just look at her! A picture of “sunny disposition”!

Additionally, the incredibly destructive side effects of many anti-anxiety/anti-depression drugs (personality change, violent behavior, sleep disruption to name a few…just listen to the ads on the TV, and you will get the picture), serve to complicate and compound the problems of the depressed and/or anxious person. I have seen them in my practice over the years, and it is heart-breaking to see the “zombie-like” behavior they exhibit. St. John’s Wort has no side effects…just the precious ability to penetrate and lift the heavy, wet blanket of depression and shine the light of love and balance into our hearts.

St. John’s Wort, like every other essence known to medicinal aromatherapists, has many other uses, though she is best known for her anti-depressant properties. She is also good for shock and post-traumatic illness. This essence is also anti-inflammatory, and because of her gentle nature, can be used in sensitive areas like the testicles. We are getting many clients with testicular/prostate inflammation, and St. John’s Wort is wonderful on her own to address this problem, as well as working in concert with other essences like Frankincense and Lavender. Another anti-inflammatory use includes nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys).

St. John’s Wort is definitely a “heavy hitter” in medicinal aromatherapy, and because of her rarity and cost, she is hard to find in her pure state. Our St. John’s Wort is exactly as it comes from the plant…no carrier oils, no blends. So…as an old TV advertisement proclaimed “You’re worth it!” More specifically, your emotional health and balance are worth it.

Much Love, Audre Gutierrez


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