If you don’t have the essence you want…use what you have!

by | May 19, 2011

One of the axioms of medicinal aromatherapy is “If you don’t have the essence(s) you want, use the essence(s) you have” — the thought being that the essences are very “adaptagenic”…they adapt to our needs, as well as the fact that each essence can do a multitude of things…many of which we might not even be aware.

One of my students emailed me recently about an experience he had while camping. “I got a huge bite on my hand from some insect; it swelled up, and I was in so much pain. The only oils I had with me were Mexican Lime and Siberian Fir Needle. After applying large amounts on the bite, it completely went away within 10 minutes. Talk about the oils having amazing properties for healing!”

Thank you, Sam, for taking the time to share that great experience so that we can all learn from it!

Warm regards,

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist

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