Always do a Test Patch with an EO that is new for you

by | May 18, 2011

Had a wonderful Aromatherapy “Meet Up” gathering last night in Santa Fe! Here’s a key thought from that discussion I would like to share:

ALWAYS DO A TEST PATCH! There is a lot of fear “out there” with regard to Essential Oils; let’s replace fear with knowledge and common sense! It is almost impossible to hurt yourself with a pure, medicinal-grade essential oil. Start small when using any essence or brand of essence that is new to you, and place a drop or two, undiluted, on your skin as a “test patch.” Choose an area where you plan to use the essence, or a sensitive area on your body, such as the inside of your wrist or elbow. Within 30 minutes, you can see how your body responds.

If you do experience sensitivity (itching, small bumps or redness), you can always go to the soles of your feet! Many, many receptors are located there, so the essences will still offer much benefit, even if you can’t place them on the area of concern.

Warm regards,

Audre Gutierrez
Master Medicinal Aromatherapist