21 Ways to Find Your Heart Connection

by | Dec 23, 2017

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Ways to Find Your Heart Connection This Season…or ANY Season
Many people feel a sense of disconnection or loneliness…sometimes fleeting but recurring, other times, pervasive…and don’t have an understanding of why they feel that way.  One of the greatest gifts pure, natural essences give us is facilitating a deeper connection to our own heart/soul purpose…with the effect of helping us feel more vibrant, more a part of life.

One of my Aromatherapy students, Lynn Getz, sent out the most beautiful, simple and inspiring holiday card for Thanksgiving.  The card contained a list of 21 Ways (adds to a “3”…divine guidance!) to Find Your Heart Connection.  She has graciously given me permission to share the list with you!  I honestly believe that if you can find the time to do at least one of these a day, it will transform you, and bring joy to your heart and your life.  A gift of joy for YOU this holiday season!

For each, I have suggested an essence especially suited to the nature of that particular “way” to connect with your heart:

1.  Deepen your connection to nature (Spikenard over the heart and 3rd eye)
2.  Slow down, rest, be still  (Blue Tansy over the heart)
3.  Pay attention to your breathing  (Balsam copaiba – Copal on the chest)
4.  Be with the animals and the children; let them teach you  (Tangerine on the soles of the feet)
5.  Drink lots of water  (Cinnamon Bark – 2 or 3 drops in a liter bottle of water…remember to shake it each time before you drink from the bottle..no burnt lips!)
6.  Spend slow time with the elders  (Rosewood & Myrrh over the heart)
7.  Feel the wind, sun and rain on you (Laurel Leaf over the heart)
8.  Listen to your body, talk to your body, give it what it needs  (Blue Yarrow at the base of the spine and over the heart)
9.  Spend more time with the people you love.  (Rhododendron over the heart)
10.  Forgive and apologize (Hyssop over the heart and throat chakra)
11.  Play more (Mexican Lime on the soles of the feet)
12.  Grow something (Rosemary over the heart)
13.  Express yourself creatively; get curious (Cajeput – White Tea Tree over the throat chakra)
14.  Dream (Wild Tansy on the crown chakra)
15.  Watch the sky; watch the sun and the moon rise and set (Frankincense on the crown chakra)
16.  Listen to your heartbeat (Red Spruce over the heart)
17.  Be truthful (Highland Lavender on the crown chakra and over the throat chakra)
18.  Look deeply at and into a flower (Ylang Ylang over the heart and on the 3rd eye)
19.  Be patient and kind (Violet over the heart)
20.  Share – give freely of what you have (Sweet Orange – high aldehyde – on the feet or wrists)
21.  Above all, love openly (Sandalwood over the heart)

I have “my reasons” for the essence suggestions…but each supports the heart energy of these experiences, so the logic is less important than engaging with an open heart, open mind and clear intention.

Again, my thanks to Lynn Getz, one of our wonderful Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 teachers (Portland, OR) and a dear friend.  May her wisdom and care bless you as it has me!

Wishing you all a wondrous, peace-filled and love-filled holiday!

Love, Audre