All In Good Time

by | Jun 26, 2013

Hello again, and welcome to another Essential Thought!

It has truly been a “labor of love” to develop my new website over the last six months…and it isn’t over yet!  I am now starting work on Phase II – adding E-commerce to the site.  However, if I have learned anything in my almost 64 years, it is to bask in something beautiful that I have created…to truly relish that which is…that didn’t exist before.  And to cherish the opportunity to share it with others.

I am sad when people describe themselves as never letting themselves enjoy an achievement or experience…that they automatically are “on to the next thing”.  I remember when my kids were little…once, we had barely arrived at the Jersey Shore for our summer vacation when one of them started talking about the “next” vacation, or what they were going to do when we got back home.  It was a teaching/parenting opportunity for me…taking that opportunity to speak about enjoying the moment…being fully present and engaged in the activity or environment at hand.  That, to me, is truly living life to the fullest.   I don’t know if that lesson “stuck” that day….I like to think it did.

Today I would like to use this new website and this more user-friendly blogging process to share with you the work of a woman named Kristin Noelle.  I came across her website, TrustTending with Kristin Noelle, last March, when I was preparing for one of my Santa Fe Aromatherapy Meet Up gatherings.  Trying to find a topic that would fit with our April 2 meeting date, I came up with “Are We Foolish To Trust In The Plants & Trees?”  And, I envisioned a discussion, facilitated by the generous use of essential oils like Benzoin, Frankincense, Atlas Cedarwood and Green Cardamon Seed, about the depth of our trust in Mother Earth for our Medicine, versus Humans.

I went on line to do a search on the phrase “trust in nature”, and lo and behold…a posting from Kristin’s site came up….along with this precious little picture and verse…


It served as a very powerful catalyst for a personal and thought-provoking discussion for all of us.   Since then, I have checked in periodically to see what Kristin is writing about, and yesterday, her topic was “All in good time.”  In her art and her post, she talked about the things in life that can consume us…health challenges, parenting challenges, a messy house…and she described these as a “wild garden”.  She urged her readers to take just one small step…and then another…to begin tending that garden, and bring it back into harmony.  It was a very brief, but soothing, message…one which touched me enough that I wanted to share it with you…actually, to share HER with you, as I feel the work she is doing to help us be more trusting is so in line with the desires that the plants and trees hold for us.

When I put beautiful Geranium on my heart…or place a few drops on the top of my head…I can take that breath and begin to feel the harmony that is so much a part of her.  How soothing is that during those times that you feel out of harmony with just about every thing and every one?  And then there is Laurel Leaf.  Sometimes you need courage to take that first step to bring order to the wild gardens in your life.  A little over the heart…maybe some on your throat chakra…and that first step seems not only doable, but desirable.    And, finally, where would we be without Scotch Pine?  When life is overwhelming, when you don’t know which weed to pull first, or which limb to prune…Scotch Pine imbues you with the ability to see the priorities that escaped you before.

So, I am pleased to share TrustTending with Kristin Noelle with you…   

…and also the thought that essential oils are here to support us in embracing the wild gardens of our life, and having the courage and insight to know the steps we can take to create more harmony  and order in even the thorniest, most complicated of situations.

Be well…and enjoy the beauty of a flower or the shade of a tree this weekend!  Love, Audre