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A Touch of Home: Using Essential Oils to Capture The Feeling of Home

What does Home mean to you?  Capture that feeling with essential oils!

Inspiration…The Fuel of the Heart

What helps you move past inaction, fear, lack of clarity or whatever stops you from creating the life you want?  For me, it’s inspiration!

Love and Loss…Turning to the Plant Kingdom for Comfort & Counsel

Loss is affecting many of us now…let the plant kingdom ease the pain and plant the seeds of new beginnings

What’s Old Is New Again!

More About Oils For The Coronaviruss E-news! What's Old is New Again! Research Confirms the Effectiveness of the French Inhalation Technique There has been a lot of research activity in a...

Essential Thoughts from Audre Gutierrez: Leonardo’s Lavender and Important Announcements

Beautiful Lavender to remember a beautiful person; come study with us, virtual and face-to-face, and experience the natural world in a deeper way.

 Welcome to the world of medicinal aromatherapy…pure, therapeutic-grade plant and tree essences for healing body, mind and spirit.


Ancient accounts that have been passed down, generation to generation, teach us that plant and tree medicines were the original medicine of the planet, and when we use them as the ancients did, we can be whole again…even in this busy and often chaotic world that would deprive us of our authenticity and vibrancy.

I have had the wonderful experience of studying, teaching and practicing aromatherapy for over 20 years. I have attended numerous symposia and professional development programs in Grasse (FR), Provence and throughout the US.  Among my teachers are such accomplished and renowned aromatherapists as Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in California, Dr. Malte Hozzel (France), and John Steele (US).  My early mentor was Barry Kapp, and together we created a beautiful company, Wisdom of the Earth in the late ’90s.  Barry retired in 2019, and I assumed full responsibility for the leadership of Wisdom of the Earth;  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue our time-honored philosophies and create new and exciting ways to enrich our teaching programs and our outstanding portfolio of exquisite essential oils and hydrolats.

I draw upon these academic experiences, my practical experiences from working with a diverse range of clients, and my intuitive connection with the Plants & Trees to help those interested understand and respect the healing power of the essences, without succumbing to the fear that permeates much of aromatherapy.

This website contains a wealth of information about essential oils, hydrolats and the common healing properties of different plant parts which yield essential oils.

Throughout, I share stories about my experiences from my many years of using and working with the oils.  My site also provides information that we always tell our students is fundamental in purchasing essential oils or studying aromatherapy…it describes our philosophy of and approach to the practice of medicinal aromatherapy.  Knowing your source is a key principle in almost anything you do; in aromatherapy, it is vital.

Shining Sun Aromatherapy (SSA) offers a number of options for either beginning or continuing your path to health and wholeness via the natural world.  As a passionate believer in the healing power of the essences, I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

To learn more about Shining Sun Aromatherapy’s offerings, or to learn more about me, and how I discovered my calling as a messenger for the plants and trees, click on the links below:

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